Medical & Dental HR Software, Compliance and Advisory

HR for Health - HR + Payroll for Dental & Medical Practices

onPoint Studio has re-designed the website for the client and now demonstrates x1.7 in increased monthly organic traffic

Details of the company

About the client

Website and Resource portal for HR software company dedicated to dental, optometry, veterinary & medical practice management.

Our client, HR for Health, assists dental and medical practices in managing their human resources and compliance needs. HR for Health provides online tools and expert guidance for hiring, onboarding, training, payroll, benefits, performance, termination, and more.

Plan & Difficulties

What challenges we had?

The client has entrusted us with the comprehensive task of migrating from Hubspot CMS to a Headless WordPress website

Tech skills

Our Tech Stack
Is Impressive

We specialize in bringing innovation and excellence to the realm of medical HR

  • Headless WordPress
  • React
  • WPGraphQL
  • WordPress Headless Starter Theme
  • HTML
  • React Slider. React Fast Marqee
  • Google Analytics Legacy
  • Hubspot
  • Hotjar
  • FB pixel
  • Lucky Orange
  • Microsoft Clarity
  • Hubspot API
  • SemRush
  • GSAP
  • Process
How we work

The process included four main stages

From concept to launch, we follow a structured approach ensuring quality, efficiency, and client


Discovery + Planning

We conducted a thorough analysis of our client's current website to determine which components to retain and identify areas that require attention.

  • Market research
  • Collaborate with UI/UX Designer
  • Comprehensive project plan



Our development team identified the required custom blocks  based on the design. Also, we planned work to integrate the new site with the existing one.

  • Implementing the Headless WordPress migration
  • QA Strategy
  • Elevating the website's interactivity


Website Optimization

The development team seamlessly integrated various analytics tools to comprehensively track and analyze user behavior.

  • Analytics of user behavior
  • The strategic incorporation of HubSpot, SemRush
  • Detailed instructions for administrators



This is now a pivotal phase, it signifies the continuation of our ongoing project, highlighting the client's trust in our team to expand the site further.

  • Developing and implementing more pages
  • Integration of new features
  • Upholding the site's reliability
HR for Health Results

Results we are proud of

Website based on Headless WordPress, tailored specifically for HR for Health to assist dental and medical practices in managing their human resources and compliance needs

The website is structured around custom content blocks, facilitating efficient updates and adjustments.

Implementation of SEO best practices, enhancing its online visibility, and improving search engine rankings made traffic increase by 170% in organic search after 3 months.

HubSpot and WordPress successfully integrated through the new site, ensuring continuity, consistency, and a smooth user experience across both platforms.

Client Feedback

Our clients rave about our innovative designs and robust development, praising the transformative impact on their businesses

“onPoint team is dedicated and focused on driving maximum results for your investment. There aren’t many people who will stay up at night focused on how to grow someone else’s business. But the onPoint team does. If you’re looking for someone to support your digital and developmental growth - a true partner to help you achieve your vision in it. Will come back time and time again.”

Sarah Kersting-Herbert

Senior Vice President of Marketing

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Our mission is to help businesses grow by creating stunning websites that help them standout.

HR for Health
HR for Health

Success Cases

The projects our team has completed highlight the synergy of creativity and technology, resulting in enhanced performance and market success for our clients

Meet Our Amazing Team

We align our web development expertise with your specific goals and deliver outstanding results to drive your business success

Alex Kolomitsev - CEO & Tech Lead

Alex Kolomitsev

CEO & Tech Lead

Annа Vasilenko - Project Manager

Annа Vasilenko

Project Manager

Roman Kravchuk

Project Manager

Customer Testimonials

What our clients say about us

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us

Their work is first-class, and it's quite rare for me to find anything that isn't perfect. I am very happy with the onPoint service. 

Jacquelyn Hurley
Jacquelyn Hurley

Administrator & Director at

Dental Zing

It is rare to find talent like this.
onPoint Studio team are second to none. I could not recommend them more highly or with more confidence.

Stewart Padveen
Stewart Padveen

CEO&Founder at


They are amazing. I highly recommend onPoint Studio team for your web development and over technical projects!

Penny Reed
Penny Reed

Chief Growth Officer at

eAssist Dental Solutions

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